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Home Theater PC

For my Home Theater PC I use the program SageTV along with a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun and two Hauppauge WinTV 1600s for Real Time HDTV Recording and Playback.  This gives me 6 Tuners.  I use 4 Tuners for QAM HDTV and 2 Tuners to record in Analog of a DTA.  I use a USB-UIRT to change channels on the 2 DTA boxes.  I have 3TB of storage used to record TV Shows.  I have the SageTV Interface pop up when the HTPC is turned on and I use a Hauppauge Remote with a USB-UIRT.  I also recently purchased a Lenovo Mini Remote Keyboard to use for surfing the internet and controlling the mouse.


AMD Phenom II x4



Silicon Dust HDHomeRun

Two Hauppauge WinTV 1600’s

Asus Motherboard


AMD ATI Radeon 5670


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