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Bentley SUPERLOAD is a complete solution for intelligent permitting and routing of oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles.  The software is by Bentley Systems.  SUPERLOAD performs real-time route validation based on the size and weight of the permit vehicle and the constraints and conditions of specified routes. Bridge clearances, bridge live-load analyses, and temporary restrictions help determine routing feasibility.

VDOT was tasked to incorporate the department’s GIS Data with the Bentley Superload software.
VDOT is working with the Virginia DMV to implement the Bentley Superload Software.
Superload will be rolled out to trucking companies country wide to allow oversize/overweight permitting in Virginia.

During the implementation of the Superload software in Virginia I have been responsible for the VDOT GIS data.  I have incorporated the GIS data into the system by using a custom network builder.  Inputs include Linear Referencing System Road data, Bridge location data and Bridge clearance and load information.  I have performed intensive QA/QC of the Superload data.  We have verified all the roads route correctly, that the proper bridges exist in the system and that interchanges (supernodes) work correctly.  The Superload system will be continuously updated when new road and bridge data become available.

I have created a PowerPoint about the Superload implementation.

VDOT Superload

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